Drive All Connections
Between Businesses and Customers
Drive all connections between businesses and customers.
We provides business solutions to complete closed-loop transactions through Internet effectively for SMEs.

Mobile Platform Service

Establish exclusive Internet channels for merchants, guard merchants’ exclusive client resources and provide the possibility of global services.

Connect The World

Provide comprehensive trading & service solutions based on Internet system for SME, complete transactions through mobile devices.

At your fingertips

Enrich online-store user experience, provide instant and immersive experience for consumers miles away.

Market Sites

ENRING was founded in New Zealand but always focuses on the global market.

We are committed to taking merchants global and allowing customers to purchase globally.

New Zealand
Existing Market Sites
Target Market Sites

China with a large volume in retail industry, is the largest and fastest growing consumption markets in the world, has great buying power continuously.

Enring connects merchants and consumers in China to satisfy cross border and direct mail requirements on high-quality and reliable products.

Japan with unlimited innovation and manufacturing capabilities, is at the forefront of the world and has broad prospects in consumption market. Japanese products are accepted by consumers around the world.

Enring helps merchants connect with Japanese brand and merchant resources in depth to serve cross-border consumers.

Australia with vast continent area and abundant natural resources, has numerous brands with high market awareness. Australia products are loved as of their quality and reputation in the global market.

Enring connects merchants and consumers in Australia to satisfy cross border requirements on high-quality and reliable products.

New Zealand with unique natural environment and pure ecosystem, has a large number of skin care, livestock and honey products with its advantages of ecosystem and deeply loved by consumers in global market.

Enring connects merchants and consumers in New Zealand to satisfy cross border requirements on high-quality and reliable products.

Smart Retail

Easier to Manage Stores

Instantly build integrated business tools for merchants with variety of marketing activities, we help transform public domain traffic into independent private traffic with CRM and data analysis tools, which benefit retailers with great business opportunities.
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Provide efficient and convenient dining experience and marketing for restaurants.


Provide efficient mobile Internet hotel marketing system to improve consumer booking experience.


Provide all-channel information management tools to meet brand marketing and sales requirements.


Establish dedicated mobile service channels for all types of merchants in the service industry, and complete online booking, consultation and case precipitation.

Lead the industry with continuous renovation


User activity Rate


Transaction Rate


Re-purchase Rate


Approx. 12 Months Turnover

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